How to Handle Negative Online Reviews

Your online reputation, or what people find when they Google you, is one of your most valuable assets. The bad news is that not everyone has a perfect online reputation. The good news? There’s a lot you can do to change that. Here are a few tips: Have a plan to catch issues early Address bad reviews as soon as possible. This means having a plan in place to detect bad reviews quickly. Whether that’s using a reputation monitoring service or taking time to inventory [...]

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How To Know If Your Social Media Strategy Is Working

So - you’ve crafted a social media strategy, created quality content people will love, and optimized your content for social platforms. You’ve implemented your strategy with high hopes. But how can you be sure if it’s working? While determining social media “success” is not an exact science, there are a few indicators that may help you determine if your strategy is indeed succeeding. Here are just a few of them. Website Traffic Website traffic is a quick and easy indicator of social media success. If [...]

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2017 Digital Marketing Forecast

Without a doubt, digital marketing is one of the world’s fastest growing and most exciting industries. With only a few months left in 2016, we thought we’d help our readers plan ahead by giving our best predictions for 2017’s top digital marketing trends. Check out our list below. Video content If content is king, then videos are making a slow, but sure ascent to royalty status. These days, you can’t scroll through your Facebook newsfeed without catching a video cooking tutorial or news post. We [...]

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5 Eternal SEO Truths

Search engine optimization is a complex field that’s constantly changing. But in an industry of ever-changing algorithms and almost no guarantees, it’s reassuring to know that certain eternal SEO “truths” persist. Here are our top 5 Eternal SEO Truths: Results are not immediate, nor are they permanent Search engine algorithms take time to index content, which usually means you won’t see a return on your investment for six months or more. Additionally, because search engine algorithms are constantly evolving to bring better and faster results to [...]

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5 Signs It’s Time for a Website Redesign

We’re in our seventh year of business and we’re hard at work on the 6th redesign of our website. While we don’t advise that our clients get a new website as often as we’ve done, it’s never a bad idea to consider an update. But when’s the right time to make a move? Here are 5 sure signs it’s time for a website redesign. Your website looks outdated Visitors have certain expectations of company websites, including a modern look and feel and user-friendly navigation. If [...]

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How to Optimize Your Content for Social Media

We often hear about website and search engine optimization, but social media optimization (SMO) has not quite reached the same level of importance or urgency. But make no mistake: optimizing your website’s content for social media is an important step in building brand authority and increasing awareness of your business or products. Steps for Optimizing Your Content: Prepare your site for sharing on social media channels The first step to optimizing your content for social media is making sure your site itself is shareable. One [...]

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Why WordPress: It’s Open Source

Thanks for reading the final post in our Brew City Marketing original blog series Why WordPress. From the ability to have multiple users to 100% customizable design, we hope you’ve enjoyed learning all about what makes WordPress an exceptional CMS. Miss a post in the series? Head to our blog to catch up. WordPress is an Open Source Project WordPress doesn’t belong to any one person or company. Instead, the platform is an “open source” project that’s constantly being maintained, tested, and improved by hundreds [...]

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Why WordPress: Multiple Users

These days, website administration is a team effort. Instead of having one person be responsible for updating content or design, multiple team members play a role. Luckily, WordPress easily accommodates this modern workflow by allowing for multiple users. As an administrator of a WordPress site, you can set-up multiple users for your website and assign access levels or capabilities to each user. Having the ability to set up multiple users benefits you in a myriad of ways, including: Greater accessibility - With a computer and [...]

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Why WordPress: Your Website Design is 100% Customizable

Thanks for reading the latest post in our original blog series Why WordPress. Next up, we’re talking about how WordPress increases the efficiency of your website by allowing you to have multiple users. Miss our last post? Head to the blog! Scrolling through our portfolio, you may notice that some websites are image-heavy while others are sparser. Some feature rich typography, while others showcase the work of a talented digital artist. Every website is different, creating a unique visual link to each brand represented. What [...]

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Why WordPress: Powerful Plugins

  This is the fourth post in Why WordPress—a Brew City Marketing original blog series about what makes Wordpress such an outstanding content management system (CMS). Keep an eye out for our next post about how WordPress trumps the competition in terms of design and customization, and head to the blog to read our last post! If you ask a developer what they like most about Wordpress, chances are pretty good that their answer will be plugins. Not only are plugins typically a breeze to upload [...]

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