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Austin is Brew City’s resident SEO guru. Passionate about helping our clients reach the top of the search engines, Austin spends his days managing our SEO strategy and ensuring our services pivot with ever-increasing changes in search technology. Because no two websites or businesses are the same, every new project is a chance for Austin to help a business owner innovate and improve. In his free time, Austin loves to eat good food, walk and hike through Milwaukee, and relax at home in Riverwest.
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Google Analytics Terms – What Does It All Mean???

Every month and/or quarter, I send out Google Analytics reports to our SEO clients. These reports basically show clients how successful our efforts have been in trying to increase traffic to their websites. Each time I send it, I make sure to make myself available to answer all their questions. Earlier this month, I got a great question: “I see all these numbers and lines, and I know things are good… but what do all these words mean?” Well, here’s a [...]

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What Exactly Is Schema?

What Exactly Is Schema? Structured data is a big topic, but we aren’t going to get into the technical nitty-gritty. If you’re interested in that, we recommend checking out or this guide on schema from BrightLocal. An easy way to understand schema is by thinking of it like sticky notes on your website. These notes tell Google what something is, where it belongs, and how it relates to your website. Here is an easy illustration that shows a few common structured data points.   [...]

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