6 Takeaways From ActiveCampaign Study Hall Milwaukee

6 takeaways from active campaign study hall in Milwaukee

ActiveCampaign Study Hall Milwaukee Recap

marketing workshop at active campaign study hall

In a world where marketing technology is making it increasingly easier and more efficient to reach the right person at the right time, email marketing is at the front of the race. Recently I attended the ActiveCampaign Study Hall event in Milwaukee, a hands-on email marketing workshop in a small group setting. We met at the Pfister Hotel for a morning of learning the best ways to use email marketing and automation in your business. Throughout the day I learned some new topics around automation and touched up on other things I already knew. It was a great opportunity to meet other local businesses that are learning the same things as us and see how they leverage the capabilities of ActiveCampaign to grow their brand. Here are my top takeaways from the workshop:

1. Modern email automation capabilities not only serve as a way to automate the actual sending of emails but also a way of monitoring the actions a particular contact takes with your business

For example, connecting an email automation software like ActiveCampaign to your website allows you to track how many times a contact touches individual pages on your site. Say Jeff is a new contact that recently downloaded an ebook and visits your web page for a service you provide more than 6 times in the last week. It’s safe to say Jeff is very interested in that service and you should have a member of your sales team reach out to him as soon as possible. This is just one example of what a great email automation software can help your business do.

2. The most important email in an email campaign is the first one sent

Why? Because people are most likely to engage with the first piece of content they receive from you in their inbox. Engagement rates, email opens, and click dramatically decrease after the first email has gone out. So, in order to make the most of your next campaign, make sure to put your most actionable email first rather than last!

3. Use your email automation in a way that fosters human connection

In a world where automation can handle many aspects of your business, it’s important to remember the human connection. Yes, using email automation can save a TON of time and make following up with your contacts very easy, but there are other ways you can use them as well. For example, set up an internal notification to call a contact after they’ve gone through particular automation or taken certain important steps to interact with your brand. Think of using automation as a way to qualify the best contacts and help you determine the ideal time to make a personal connection with them that will drive results for your business.

4. Your email list is a business asset completely under your control

At the end of the day, the audience you build on Facebook, Google, & other PPC platforms is ultimately under the control of the platform, but your email list will always be yours. Not only will you always have access to contact your list but you can use it to further develop other marketing channels. Want to set up a lookalike audience on Facebook? Start with your email list. Looking to remarket on the Google Display Network? Your email list is a great starting point to get in front of recent customers and stay top of mind. While building audiences on different platforms is a great idea and I highly encourage it, it’s always a good idea to own your own asset at the same time and a great email list is a perfect place to start.

5. Always have a goal in mind when creating an automation

It’s important to always have an end goal with email automation that tells you how well your automation is set up and performing. When I say automation goal it can be as simple as having the recipient click one link within the email that leads to a landing page. Automation goals are primarily used to track which campaigns are performing well and give you insight into how you can translate that success onto other campaigns.

6. Separate your automations

Email automations can become a spider web of confusion if you don’t have a clean system of separation for them. It’s a good idea to organize your automation to each have one specific goal you’d like to achieve behind them and then connect the automations together later on. For example, when automation one is complete, automatically start automation two, rather than having all the emails from both automations in one big automation. It will pay dividends down the line should you have to troubleshoot something or test a new creative angle.

If you’re interested in leveraging the power of email automation for your business, contact us today by filling out our contact form or call (414) 208-0700. You can also take a look at our Brew City Marketing Blog to read about our learning experiences and expertise with digital marketing.

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