For the uninitiated, LinkedIn is a social network for the business community. LinkedIn provides a way for professionals to connect, making for a frictionless exchange of ideas, knowledge and job opportunities. Should your brand be on LinkedIn? Yes – unequivocally. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

It’s Not Dying

With 433 million users and an average of 2 new members joining every second, LinkedIn is the third most popular social network on the web. With a fresh new desktop redesign, smarter messaging, a richer news feed, more intuitive search, and better insight into who’s viewing your profile, LinkedIn is geared for growth in 2017. Over 40% of users check LinkedIn daily – is your content reaching their screens?

B2B Goes Great with LinkedIn

Increasingly, marketers are using LinkedIn to find potential customers and sell. According to “The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn,” the platform is one of the best for new businesses. With half of all users saying they are more likely to buy from a company they engage with on the platform and 45% of all LinkedIn members in positions of upper management, the platform is proven to generate more leads for companies than Facebook, Twitter, or blogs.


LinkedIn has recently revamped its “Groups” feature with a fresh redesign and the ability to add images and mention other users in posts. If your brand isn’t taking advantage of the direct marketing the Group setting can offer, you’re missing out. New behind-the-scenes features effortlessly mitigate spammers, making groups more authentic than ever. Additionally, group members are now thoroughly vetted, which means that those without a professional, fully fleshed-out profile may not be accepted to join the conversation. Further, LinkedIn groups still remain one of the best ways to directly market to a group of engaged individuals. With over 2 million groups currently on LinkedIn, the options are almost limitless for your brand.

Long-form Posts

Have you ever wanted to start a blog? Long-form posts are a great way to get your feet wet in the world of blogging. Not only are they an excellent way of broadcasting your expertise on a subject, they’re also proven to boost engagement and attract followers to your profile. Long-form posts are shared directly in your follower’s newsfeeds and on your professional profile, allowing for high visibility and high traffic.


But the biggest reason your brand should be on LinkedIn? It’s a social network built strictly for professionals. In practice, this means that your audience will be a consistent stream of affluent and professional consumers, and folks looking to do business. Use your company page to give users a reason to follow your brand by posting interesting and relevant status updates–and the leads will follow.

Whether B2B or B2C, LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to reach new business partners and direct them towards a great company like yours! Need help harnessing the power of this awesome platform? Call us today at 414-208-0700.

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