When it comes to social media, every business wants to have an engaged audience and extensive reach. You work hard to get your brand in front of potential customers so likes, comments, and shares feel great. Contrastingly, a lack of likes, comments, and shares makes you feel like you’re doing everything wrong. If people are unfollowing your brand on social media, there’s a good reason why. Check out our top four reasons why users may be unfollowing your brand.

#4 Your Content is Too Boring

Buzzfeed and Factl conducted a survey with 900 social media users to help better understand what companies should avoid. 21% of respondents stated they would unfollow a brand if the content was repetitive and boring. Are you keeping up with the latest marketing trends and taking advantage of new social media platform features? If not, reconsider your content strategy.

#3 You’re Not Engaging Your Followers

It’s never been easier for brands to interact with consumers and vice versa. Social media is a two-way street, so engage your following by asking questions, liking posts, offering help, or leaving a meaningful comment or tip. Portraying yourself as an entity rather than a business could exponentially boost your social success.

#2 Your Brand Image and Social Media Image Don’t Align

Law firms don’t post memes and photographers don’t post financial reports. Although those might be extreme examples–you probably get the point. Focus on posting content that engages the type of people you want following your pages and buying your product or service. If you’re fun, then keep it fun. If you want to be serious, then focus on a serious tone and serious topics. In short? Don’t try to branch into social segments that differ from the image you want to portray.

#1 You’re Promoting Yourself Too much

It’s easy to blast out promotions all the time on your social feeds but don’t forget that social media is just that, social. No one likes the boastful person and the same goes for business. Try posting some fun content that still focuses on your brand identity but makes people want to follow and engage with you. While it’s essential to highlight achievements and what you do as a company, make a point to balance those posts with more fun or personal posts.

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